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Video Clips from the Cannon S50

Indianapolis Motor Speedway // June 2005

Porsche Michelin Supercup
Shot by Me // 6.18.05
Check out the s l o w Dell car bringing up the rear!

F1 US Grand Prix
Shot by Me // 6.18.05
6 of the 20 cars (count them...6) ran in this race which made for a less than interesting hour and a half. Long story short: The 6 cars that competed were from the 3 teams that came prepared with two sets Bridgestone tires. The other 7 teams were (poorly) supplied by Michelin and opted not to participate. It came down to the tires not being safe for extended track time on high speed turns, and the teams did not have a backup set of tires. Suggested compromises made between the FIA and Michelin were not agreed upon. After the parade lap, the 14 cars pulled into their garages and forfeited the race. The president of F1 has asked Michelin to buy this years attendees tickets to next year's USGP. I hope they do.

Funny Stories // 2004
Tequila Sneeze
From the 2004 Central NAESC Conference @ A&M

Penguin Stories
From the 2004 SAM Conference @ LaJolla
You kinda had to be there for this one.....

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